About us!

We are a family owned and operated closed Aviary. We breed several different species of birds. Our aviary is an indoor aviary gives us the ability to have babies year round. Located in Florida. Visitations are scheduled by appointment only! 

Planing a visit to Florida? Just let us know in advance and we can reserve you a baby!   

Our facility uses multiple filtration systems, natural and full spectrum lighting, along with climate-controlled monitors. This limits contact with insects, wildlife, climate changes, reduces blood borne pathogens and parasites that large outdoor aviaries will encounter. The birds are fed a variety of fresh organic foods, mixed veggies, fruit, grains, seeds, (No Sunflower), nuts, etc, which includes an organic pellet diet daily. This is the difference between a strong healthy bird that has been socialized, and maintained in the best possible environment. Babies will be familiar with basic commands, well socialized, leg banded, and fully weaned approx. 12 to 16 weeks of age. We use an "Abundance Weaning" approach. Babies are kept out of their cages until their last nightly, formula feeding. This gives them plenty of play time, on large Macaw bird stands, and play gyms. 

Our brooders are Brinsea Brooders, from the United Kingdom. Maintaining perfect temperatures is vital to a newborn baby chick. This insures proper digestion and minimizes any unnecessary physical or emotional stress. This also gives our family more time to socialize with our babies.  We sell all of our birds directly to pet owners and will not broker them out. Make sure your new family member is healthy, strong, and an emotionally happy one. Please reserve yours today!


Please be sure to triple check all foods before giving it to any bird. Websites, and AVIAN certified vets can be wrong, IMO (in my opinion). So can MD for humans.

Many foods labeled unsafe, are safe for birds if cooked, or sauteed given in small quantities, IMO. Many foods listed on the websites that are safe are NOT, IMO. 


Parsley, Mushrooms, beans NOT fully cooked, etc, IMO. They have been highly publicized as being safe, by some Avian certified vets, and breeders. 


We have provided many foods to our breeders over the years. That are considered unsafe. Such as; Sauteed onions, and garlic in our tomato sauces, just to name a few. We are NOT advocating anyone to do so. Many bird foods on the market contain added sugars, and salt. Both in large quantiles are NOT good for any creature on the plant, IMO. Does that mean we should not use them? Ask any chef if he will cook with out salt? Salt, and sugars are naturally occurring, in many foods. 

NOTE:  (We cannot provide an extensive list of safe or unsafe foods. This debate is beyond our financial liabilities). Also, any bird, like people can react to anything, if allergic. 


As of 2016 the THIRD Leading Cause of DEATH in the US is due to Medical Errors, for humans.

How high is it for animals? They will never tell us!

if you would like more information on availability.  Please be sure to include your name and contact number for further consideration.

We accept payment, and deposits by personal check (National Banks Only), VISA, Mastercard, AMX, Post Office Money Orders, and US Currency .  We will ship at buyer's expense, US only. DNA certificates are available upon request.